A couple of news items today

There are some relevant news articles today which are of interest;

I see that CCHIT has developed some new criteria.”The commission is transitioning its certification program timelines to adapt to the new requirements of ARRA as well as the still-emerging work processes of the Office of the National Coordinator and its advisory committees,” said Mark Leavitt, MD, chairman of the commission.

Leavitt said the commission would soon announce town calls or other opportunities soon to gather stakeholder input.The pdf which outlines the CCHIT certification criteria is posted in the BOX files section at the upper left of this home page.

Some news also about health information technology regional extension centers. The folks at E health initiative recently conducted a survey. Those who responded have provided some interesting facts including the following;

Respondents agreed that centers should focus their attention on:

  • primary care practices (94 percent);
  • public, not-for-profit and critical access hospitals (90 percent);
  • entities located in rural/underserved areas (92 percent);
  • and federally-qualified health centers (89 percent).

Respondents most strongly supported the centers providing the following services:

  • dissemination of best practices and research (96 percent);
  • technical assistance for implementation with clinicians (92 percent);
  • workflow modification guidance for clinicians (91 percent);
  • vendor-neutral advice on purchasing decisions (80 percent);
  • and health information exchange support (80 percent).

More on this topic to come soon.


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