Friday update…..

well it is Friday  and the end to a busy week in the  world of healthcare IT. Yesterday I gave a talk at the Allscripts EHR stimulus tour here in San Francisco.  Got some very interesting feedback from  the local physician community. Certainly the interest in electronic medical records has increased markedly over the last few weeks. I think the physician community has  realized that the government is serious as regards the stimulus dollars that will be made available.  There seems to be less negativity around the implementation of an electronic system and physicians are starting to realize that this is the way of the future.  I was reminded recently of a  quote which was published back in 1993  which reads as follows;

“The (paper) medical record is an abomination … it is a disgrace to the profession that created it. More often than not the chart is thick, tattered, disorganized and illegible; progress notes, consultant’s notes, radiology reports and nurses notes are all co-mingled in accession sequence. The charts confuse rather than enlighten; they provide a forbidding challenge to anyone who tries to understand what is happening to the patient.”

Bleich, H., MD, Computing Vol 10 no 2, p70, 1993.    It reminds me that we  must not  forget  what we are all trying to achieve.  Have a great weekend.


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