Do you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc?

More health care groups are turning to online social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to recruit physicians to their practice.

Earlier this year, Geisinger Health System in Danville, Pa., hired Zero-In Recruitment Marketing to offer guidance on recruiting gastroenterologists.

Zero-In helped Geisinger create a Facebook page that includes links to the health system’s site, photos and recruitment event information.

Zero-In officials say they began leveraging social media to recruit health workers because most physicians use the Internet to conduct job searches. About 71% of respondents to a 2008 New England Journal of Medicine survey said they look for jobs online.

The physician-recruitment firm Seaboard Health Care Search also has worked with Zero-In to promote its brand through a Twitter account.

Seaboard uses Twitter updates to post links to interesting articles and advertise business opportunities.

Health care groups say social media tools can help them promote positive brand awareness and track their followers.


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