The Healthcare Notification Network

I have signed up for the HCNN. The HCNN is an online service designed to improve the speed and efficacy of the delivery of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-mandated Patient Safety Alerts to physicians, prescribers and their staff. By accelerating delivery of these important Alerts, the HCNN protects patient safety and reduces medical liability.

Alerts (also known as “Dear Doctor Letters” or “Dear Health Care Professional Letters”) are currently sent to prescribers on paper via traditional U.S. mail – a slow, error-prone process. Snail mailed safety Alert letters are frequently delivered to prescribers along with large volumes of marketing materials, which dilutes the efficacy of the time-sensitive Alerts and delays the arrival of these important notifications. In some cases, Patient Safety Alerts may never reach the intended health care professional at all.

Since the HCNN uses a dedicated online network as the Alert notification vehicle, prescribers can have confidence that they will receive recall Alerts quickly and effectively – and before their patients learn about the Alerts from the news.

Liability carriers, medical societies, health plans, government officials and other healthcare leaders support the HCNN because it improves patient safety, reduces physician liability, and ensures the fast and convenient delivery of Patient Safety Alerts.

The HCNN may also be used to notify prescribers in the event of national public health emergencies or bio-terror events.

You may create an account with HCNN using the online registration form, by contacting HCNN Customer Service or by responding to a fax back letter or email activation sent by your medical malpractice carrier or medical society. Our online form is secure and all data is stored by HCNN under strict privacy and security standards. Take a look at


One thought on “The Healthcare Notification Network

  1. Ray Hutchins May 13, 2010 / 5:49 pm

    Dr. Rawlinson:

    I’ve been looking at your posts and you are clearly an interesting man with a wide ranging mind. You are also an expert on HIT, therefore I’ll throw what may be a new subject at you. GIS integrated into ontologically engineered SaaS applications. There is a big future for this type of application in healthcare.

    As an example, please take the time to look at a privately-held software development company in Colorado that has made an advancement that can be of benefit to many areas of healthcare. TerraFrame has developed and deployed an ontologically-based, GIS integrated disease management decision support system in Africa to fight malaria.

    This SaaS application was funded by the leading global combatants of this malaria and the system can be rapidly customized for deployment to other disease environments…especially if vector-borne diseases. TerraFrame’s technology team that is available to customize their software platform and to use GIS integrated ontologies to create decision support systems for any industry or government needs. They are interested in leveraging to creatively solve complex problems.

    For more information please contact Ray Hutchins at

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