Operation Rainbow

I am writing this blog entry while in Ocotal, Nicaragua. Managed to get a wireless connection via my iPod Touch. Such is the wonder of modern technology.
We have seen about 300 patients so far and will perform about 60 surgeries this week. The surgeries are mainly to correct limb deformities in children. The hospital is in dire need of repair-and we have to work under some challenging conditions. Maintaining sterility is difficult and we have to perform 2 surgeries in the same OR simultaneously.
The nicaraguans are just wonderful people and very stoical. They have made us feel very welcome. A very humbling experience.

Please check out http://www.operationrainbow.org and donate if you are able. Thank you everyone.________________________________________________________________

The information contained in this email is legally privilegedand confidential information only for the use of the individualor Brown & Toland Medical Group.
Any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this document isstrictly prohibited. If you have received this in error, pleaseimmediately notify the sender by replying to this message, andthen delete all copies of it from your system.Thank you.


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