Another Memorial Day over

I spent the Memorial Day weekend camping with my family at Sly Park Recreation area. Had a great time and managed to get in a 30 mile bike ride. During my ride I thought about several things including EHR adoption. One thing that came to mind was the success factors throughout the course of an EHR implementation. Why are some docs/groups more successful than others – even on the same software system. Lots of things spring to mind including the following:

1. A good champion or leader is essential.
2. A lot of good work needs to be done prior to “Go Live” but the process really starts post “Go Live”.
3. Staff ‘buy in’ essential
4. Excellent workflow analysis needs to be done
5. Train, train, train and create super-users.
6. Good change management strategy

There are probably several others – let me know your keys to success.


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