EHR, HIE, ACO, PCMH – what’s it all about?

Thinking about attending this meeting Anyone else going to Atlanta?   Spent this morning putting together a webinar on ‘meaningful use’. It really made me think about the significance of introducing the stimulus program. When you really think about it,  implementing this program could totally transform health care as we know it today. Imagine that in the next 5-10 years over 90% of physicians could be using an electronic medical record in their clinical environment. Couple this with the fact that ‘health information exchange’ (HIEs)  is also beginning to take off all over the country. These 2 aspects together could make a huge impact in the way that care is delivered. On top of this we have programs such as the development of Acountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and the patient centered medical home (PCMH). All these represent exciting advances in the delivery of healthcare. I  for one am excited about the future and ultimately hope that all these projects will lead to improved quality and better overall patient care.

To read more about the concept of ACOs click here

To learn more about patient centered medical home click here


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