The Benefits of Health IT

Just uploaded a PDF to my BOX files – its called “Benefits of Health IT”. Here’s the abstract:

ABSTRACT An unprecedented federal effort is under way to boost the
adoption of electronic health records and spur innovation in health care
delivery.We reviewed the recent literature on health information
technology to determine its effect on outcomes, including quality,
efficiency, and provider satisfaction.We found that 92 percent of the
recent articles on health information technology reached conclusions
that were positive overall. We also found that the benefits of the
technology are beginning to emerge in smaller practices and
organizations, as well as in large organizations that were early adopters.
However, dissatisfaction with electronic health records among some
providers remains a problem and a barrier to achieving the potential of
health information technology. These realities highlight the need for
studies that document the challenging aspects of implementing health
information technology more specifically and how these challenges might
be addressed.


One thought on “The Benefits of Health IT

  1. Andrew March 11, 2011 / 8:40 pm

    I think electronic medical records is an important aspect of healthcare, that needs to be incorperated. If anyone is interested, i found a great site called InformationManagementCompare/EMR Solutions. They analyze and compare companies who offer EMR services and solutions.

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