The Minneapolis Star Tribune 9 7 Crosby reports…

The Minneapolis Star Tribune (9/7, Crosby) reports, “Finding ways to keep a lid on the pressure is becoming ever more difficult for doctors-in-training, according to a new Mayo Clinicstudy ” published in the Sept. 7 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Large numbers are burned out, depressed and becoming increasingly cynical about their work.” In addition, “they’re deep in debt and finding it impossible to balance work and life.”
HealthDay (9/7, Doheny) report that after evaluating the “results of surveys and exams given to nearly 17,000 internal medicine residents, who were said to represent about 75 percent of all US internal medicine residents in the 2008-9 academic year,” asking them about their quality of life, work-life balance, amount of educational debt, and whether they experienced burnout, researchers found that 46% “said they were feeling emotionally exhausted at least once a week,” while over 50% admitted to at least one symptom indicative of burnout.
Medscape (9/7, Lowes) reports, “Internal medicine (IM) residents experienced more symptoms of burnout and scored lower on a standardized medical test if their educational debt was higher.” Notably, “the same pattern emerged for two manifestations of burnout: emotional exhaustion and depersonalization, which presents itself as a calloused, cynical mindset.” In fact, “these scores climbed in tandem with educational debt.”


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