Why do Most EMRs Cause Disappointments?

CureMD Blog

Electronic medical records (EMR) seem to be the current trend in the healthcare industry today. You’ll find many physicians, allied health professionals and hospitals using some form of electronic recording of patient data. Despite the many advantages of a more uniform approach to medical care documentation and care coordination (patients seen by several specialists), there are some disadvantages to EMRs. The problems occur “behind the scenes,” outside of a patient’s surveillance.

One of the major benefits of EMRs is that it is quite easy for clinicians to pull a patient’s history from the relevant database. On the flipside is the ever-present possibility of invasion of privacy. Software developers in the EMR industry are continuously working to improve security by adding features like record encryption, biometric access control along other than basic username and password requirements. However, computer hackers may ultimately be able to penetrate EMRs despite such security precautions, and they…

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