My trip to Lwala

On saturday l leave for Lwala, Kenya. Spending 10 days volunteering at a small clinic. The Lwala Community Alliance is a non-profit health and development agency founded by Drs. Milton and Fred Ochieng’, who are natives of Lwala, a rural village in the Nyanza Province of western Kenya. Milton and Fred lost their parents to HIV while in college in the U.S. and took this as a call to action to provide access to primary care in their community. During medical school at Vanderbilt, the brothers did all they could to raise the funds to start a clinic back at home. Their story is the subject of the documentary “Sons of Lwala” and has been featured on ABC World News and CNN.

In April 2007, after 3 years of fundraising, the Lwala Community Health Center finally opened. Over time the program has become more multi-dimensional to include small scale micro-enterprise, public health outreach, water and sanitation, and education programming. In April 2011, construction on a new maternity and integrative care wing was completed, thereby tripling the space of the original clinic. As a result, the facility is now designated as the Lwala Community Hospital. Our clinical staff at the hospital provide more than 15,000 patient visits each year, and we have over 1000 people enrolled in HIV care. Our education program reaches out to 15 schools and we employ dozens of Kenyans through our various programs. Please go to and make a donation if you can. Thank you.


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